Entry Forms

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Date Tests Closing Date

Sunday 12 November 2017

Closed Unrestricted

Monday 30 October

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Sunday 10 December 2017

Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted

Monday 27 November

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Explanation of classes:  Competitor (previously Official) - requires EA competitive membership and a Competition licence.  Participation (previously Associate) - requires EA Participation Membership.  Closed Unrestricted (previously AHDC Club Day) - open to AHDC club and EA members.  Green Horse / Rider:  requires EA or AHDC membership.  For horses and or people new to dressage.  Allows inexperienced horses to try a test in relaxed conditions.  Tests are not scored and displayed.

For queries re entry forms, please email Sally Wells. Please also read and take note about the Waivers Section on the forms.

Waivers - Please ensure you have completed a Member Waiver (for AHDC members) or Non Member Waiver (non AHDC members) (to be signed once only annually) some time this year. If not, please send with your entry form or your entry will be rejected. If you are unsure whether you have a current waiver, please email the Secretary.

Download the Member Waiver form hereDownload the Non-Member Waiver form here.  Tests are available from the EA Website.Click here.

Competitor riders must provide rider and horse EA numbers or results will be deemed unofficial and not recorded on horse's results records.  Please DO NOT put manure around trees - please place on the large orange trailer.